science proceedings

The international journal for conference proceedings

Cledwyn Thomas (EAAP)

Editorial Board:
Giuseppe Bee (Agroscope)
Jaap van Milgen (INRAE)
Isabelle Ortigues-Marty (INRAE)
Liam Sinclair (Harper Adams University)

animal – science proceedings (formerly Advances in Animal Biosciences) is part of the animal family of journals, now published as an open access journal by Elsevier. The animal family is managed by a consortium of BSAS, EAAP and INRAE.

The journal will publish high-quality conference, symposium and workshop proceedings on aspects of the life sciences with emphasis on farmed, other managed animals, leisure and companion animals and the use of insects for animal feed and human food.

These can be in the form of abstracts or one to two-page summaries or short papers. The format will highlight the title of the meeting and organisations involved but the publications will have the added advantage of being gold open access and forming a series under animal – science proceedings. This gives conferences wide exposure and the additional benefit that individual abstracts can be identified and indexes through a DOI. 

The conferences can be international or regional/national and publication in local languages is encouraged for local /regional conferences provided titles are also in English.

Subject areas can include aspects of Breeding and Genetics, Nutrition, Physiology and Functional Biology of Systems, Behaviour, Health and Welfare, Livestock Farming Systems and Product Quality. Due to the integrative nature of biological systems, animal – science proceedings will welcome contributions on the translation of basic and strategic science into whole animal and whole system Productivity, on Product Quality and the relationship between products and human health, Food Security, the Environment including ecosystem services and agroecology, and Climate Change.  Proceedings can involve research, extension studies, training and education as well as policy development.


If you or your colleagues are interested in publishing your conference in animal – science proceedings please contact for further information

Conference organisers

The animal family provides a package enabling conference organisers to publish main/ invited papers in animal with abstracts in animal – science proceedings.